Dear Reader.
Okay so honestly we have tried to write our first blog post about a billion times *note slight exaggeration* and they either, don’t seem to work, we abandon them or we just get bored (which we take as a big sign saying *DO NOT POST!*). So we thought, why not just introduce ourselves? Although that’s harder than first glance……….but we’ll give it a shot sooooooo, here we go!
Tj Collage

Name: TJ (sorry not saying my full name otherwise you guys might come stalk me)

Age: well maturity age is probably about 5….

Likes: not even kidding, long walks on the beach (apart from the long walks part…), books, movies, comedy, YOUTUBE(my favourite youtuber is usually whatever video i watched last), music (listening to it and playing it), sassiness, sarcasm, FOOD, dancing (not well), singing really loudly and really badly along to the radio

Dislikes: meat (i am vegetarian), scary movies (!!!!!) and murder mysteries (i used to get my grandparents to change the channell by saying i wasn’t allowed to watch M rated things)

Perfect Date: two words Joe Sugg

Favourite quote: stuck between; ‘Good Lord that’s moist’ or ‘I believe the world wants to be noticed’

Favourite Smell: just after it’s rained, freshly baked bread and bookshops

Soup Collage

Name: Bond…… James Bond…… (also known as ‘Soup’)

Age: stuck between the mindset of a six year old with the napping ability of a vampire…….(in other words a teenager)….

Likes: I absolutely love to read! (I love the Mara Dyer series (That cliffhanger in the second one though…) , The Infernal Devices, A Series of Unfortunate events and so many others that I must make another page about all of them). I have an incredibly sarcastic sense of humour to the point that people think that I am actually stupid (which I may or may not be, I shall let you judge that), and I am quite content sitting at home with my books, food and comfy blanket. I also have nothing else interesting about me, but for the sake of making myself look interesting by having a long paragraph I am writing this sentence….. (just go along with it… laugh as if I just said something funny……. Thank you).

Dislikes: 404 ERROR information not available

Perfect Date: (I did not put this question in here): Me + Other person + Food + Books – Other person = Perfect!!

Favourite Quote: Always remember you are absolutely unique…………… just like everybody else…..                                                                                                                                                                                                                   – Margaret Mead

Favourite Smell: Books….. (It would be a dream come true the day I buy book perfume – and yes it does exist -)

So That’s it! What’d you think? What do you think of our likes and dislikes? Are any of them the same as yours?Feel free to leave any suggestions or inputs you may have in the comments below or just email us at We would love to here from you, whether it be reading suggestions or just what you would like to see us post next….

Until Next time….. Keep the Nerdling Army Strong!


Tj & Soup


9 thoughts on “Ummmm……Hi?

  1. You guys are hilarious!!! And strangly relatable… Luv ur stuf! Keep up the good work! Maybe you could make some memes? You could make a story each week that includes emojis. E.g instead of saying ” the man” you would say “the 👱” etc

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! And I am (coincidently) actually reading that book at the moments and will definitely do a review as soon as I’m finished. Would you in any way be willing to collaborate on the review as I’m positive you’ve read it.


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