Our Summer Bucket list

So because summer’s coming up soon (okay in like a month and only if you live in the southern hemisphere but still…) we thought we’d do a bucket list of everything we want to do this summer and we’ll keep you updated. So without further ado: (TJ is in italics Soup is in bold)

TJ and Soups 2015/16 Summer Bucket-list.


  1. Have a water fight- err me Gurd!!! Yasss! We should fill the water with dye and wear white clothes so by the end we have cool dyed clothes. Soup you are a genius!
  2. Have a Disney marathon- Yesssss! It’s an afternoon thunderstorm and there’s no one around to judge, so embrace your inner child!
  3. Have a picnic in the park- One word…Chocolate. -Also friends- Oh yeah- that too…
  4. Spend a whole day without technology or social media- Eeeeeek! I’m not sure i’d survive, but i’d give it a go, maybe spend a day at a friends place and do the challenge together or spend the day outside at the beach or something.
  5. Spend a classic Australia day at the beach listening to triple J hottest 100 and having a BBQ with your friends and family- I have never celebrated Australia day before so that sounds like fun!
  6. Go op shopping- It’s so much fun! Create a whole new summer wardrobe for about $50! The best thing about it… You can make it as crazy as you like because you don’t have to see anyone from your school because it’s holidays!
  7. Go to the midnight screening of a movie- Oh, Yes! Do they even have those here? Hell Yes! People get dressed up! I’m going to the midnight screening of Star Wars.
  8. Set up a slip  ‘n’ slide in your backyard- That would be awesome! You could invite your friends over and party in the backyard.
  9. See a band live- Yes I would love to see the script! I’d like to see (draws breath) Ed Sheeran, 5SOS, Taylor Swift, San Cisco, Lorde, the wombats, the violent femmes and green day. That’s all, unless I think of more to add on Later…Lorde! Yes ummm…. Bastille, coldplay, maroon 5, Florence and the machine. Yep.
  10. Do something nice for a stranger- Yes! I saw this awesome  thing where people left index cards with nice quotes and messages in library books!

So that’s it! What do you think, anything we should add? What’s your summer bucket list? We’ll let you guys know our progress. Until next time….

Keep the Nerdling Army Strong!


6 thoughts on “Our Summer Bucket list

  1. Could you please stop calling everyone who reads your blog the needling army plus never go op shopping it’s poisonous i went ounce and almost died but I love the water fight idea well the dying part.


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