Sarcasm is the Highest Form of Wit…

Sacarsm Noun: A sharply ironical taunt; sneering or cutting remark: a review full of sarcastic remarks.

Dear Reader.

We are proud to say that both Tj and I speak the language of sarcasm quite fluently! Although, recently it has come to our attention that some poor unfortunate souls (comment if you get the reference) do not have this privilege and seem to believe that it is a ‘stupid’ and ‘annoying’ form of communication.

And we disagree (naturally) and decided to compile a list! (as you do)

So we present: The unwritten (until now) rules of the proper use of sarcasm

  1. Never use sarcasm in text: this practice is risky and should be avoided in most cases… The only time it is acceptable to use sarcasm when texting is when you are talking to really close friends. (In this case you are more then welcome to feel obligated to use sarcasm).
  2. Always reply to sarcasm with sarcasm:  Remember, the human species feels most comfortable with people who speak a common language.
  3. Do not use sarcasm when you are talking to someone for the first time: most of the time that person will either think you are stupid or mean. It is wise to let the relationship escalate before sarcastic language is deemed acceptable.
  4. Making a sarcastic comment about someone/something is the worst thing you could do when trying to be sociable: Just imagine if they take it seriously and you have to explain that you didn’t mean it only to have them believe that you actually did mean it and being paranoid every time they talk to you…

Overall what this has taught us is… The true way to measure friendship is to calculate the amount of sarcasm used in each conversation…

There you have it… “Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit” is completely wrong and people should stop saying it.

(We would also like to add that people who use sarcasm frequently actually tend to be intelligent -in most cases-).

How often do you use sarcasm? Any funny stories you’d like to share? and as always remember to leave suggestions in the comments below…

Until next time…

Keep the nerdling army strong!


Soup & Tj

P.S We have ticked off ‘Op Shopping’ from our bucket list!


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