The 5 Stages of Watching a Movie with Your Parents

movie watching

Okay lets face it, we’ve all at some point been forced to sit through a movie with our parents that we would of much rather have seen with someone else… cue the awkward moments. So anyway today we are counting down 5 (very awkward) stages of watching a movie with your parents.

(TJ- italics, Soup- bold)

5) Not so awkward but, pulling all your self control together to not finish all the food before the movie starts. Yes! Or when you’re saving the food for just the right time and your parents just start eating it and you can’t tell them off!

4) When they know you’ve read the book so they assume you know what’s happening and constantly ask what’s going on. This is even more frustrating don’t really speak fluent english and constantly ask you to tell them what’s happening.

3) Finding something hilarious that turns you into a clapping seal but when you look over at your parents you realise they’re looking at you like you’re high. Or when you’re parents find something hilarious and you’re just sitting there going WTF did I miss?!

2) When you try to introduce your parents to a fandom and they don’t get it…at all (in fact usually they diss it). So you’re there with your heart about to explode with excitement while your parents sit there with less expression then a brick.

1) This one is the one we all dread! When you’re sitting there, calmly watching a movie when all of a sudden the music changes, the characters on the screen look into each others eyes and you desperately try to find a way to distract yourself from the screen. Yes, that’s right, we’re talking about the dreaded sex scene. They’re so awkward! You sit they’re blushing like a maniac hoping no one will notice!Some of the common teenage avoidance strategies are: finding an object in the room and staring at it, randomly starting conversation, going to get a drink of water or going to the bathroom. The worst thing about this though is that parents think it’s hilarious that you’re embarrassed by it!

So, what’d you think? Did we miss anything? Have any stories you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below.

So until next time,

Keep the nerdling army strong!

-TJ & Soup

P.S. Thanks to ‘Jamie’ for suggesting this.


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