Book Recommendations for the Teenage Soul

Yes we did just make a ‘Chicken Soup’ reference (for anyone who knows what we’re talking about).

When Tj and I first thought about creating this blog we knew that we just had to do something to do with books. It was one of our first (of many interesting) ideas and we thought why not start it off with a recommendations post… So sit down, get some food and strap yourself in, cause this may be a long one.

(remember these books are not in any order – we could not bring ourselves to rate these -)

The Mara Dyer Trilogy – Michelle Hodkins 

mara dyer trilogy.png

A book full of adventure, paranormal romance and the oh so hilarious and loveable, Noah Shaw! This book is the kind of book you avoid during exam time as it will make you turn page after page. Granted it is not for everybody but if you like paranormal, slightly creepy, mystery and finding yourself stories, you might want to consider checking this one out. You won’t regret it. (I have not read the last book yet but I have ordered it and once it gets here, there is no holding me back).

"Thinking something does not make it true. Wanting something does not make it real."

paper townsPaper Towns – John Green This book will make you want to grab your friends, do an epic series of pranks and then go on a road trip. This adventure is of  boy named Quentin Jacobsen and the adventure he is drawn into by his childhood friend and secret love Margo Roth Spiegelman. Just like all the books on the list, it is not for everyone but if it sounds like something you’d like then it is one worth definitely picking up.

“What a treacherous thing to believe that a person is more than a person.”

The hostThe Host – Stephenie Meyer Now before you skip to the next one, don’t judge a book by the author. For those of you who didn’t like Twilight, I must admit I was nervous going into this book but I will never regret it.. This has grown to be one of my favourite books and have read it multiple time. I love the concept and the characters and the whole sci-fi element was beautifully written. The Host follows the life of a ‘parasite’ Wanda after she is inserted into a the body of one of the main characters, Melanie. As Melanie fights the control of Wanda a whole array of problems arise and the adventure is amazing.

“It’s not the face, but the expressions on it. It’s not the voice, but what you say. It’s not how you look in that body, but the thing you do with it. You are beautiful.”

How to Keep a Boy From Kissing You – Tara Eglington  images.jpg Okay so it’s a wierd title, but this book is laugh out loud hilarious! It’s about Aurora Sky’s mission to find the perfect prince and her hilarious escapes from the princes who aren’t so perfect. It also contains the holarious and attractive Hayden Parris. What more could you want?

"I was determined that this year Hayden Paris wasn’t going to destroy my composure."

The Infernal Devices Trilogy – Cassandra Clare

the infernal devices

The prequel series to the ‘Mortal Instruments’ and (in our perspective) better than it’s predecessor. With an awesome plot line including, mechanical beings baddass protectors and a Victorian London backdrop this story will leave you hooked till the end. The characters are sassier than ever, leaving you a hoard of quotes in the end.

“Never trust a duck.”

A Waltz for Matilda – Jackie French

a waltz for matilda.jpg

If you’re an Aussie than this is your go to classic Australian story. It will make you fall in love with Australia with it’s amazing story about a young girl who manages a farm on her own in outback Australia.

"'No women allowed'... I’m not a woman. I’m the boss."

A series of Unfortunate Events – Lemony Snicket

a series of unfortunate events.jpg

Unfortunate event after unfortunate event. This book is both unfortunate and eventful. It book follows the lives of the Baudelaire orphans as they move from guardian to guardian. This was one of the books that originally got me into reading and I will never forget it. This story with it’s unexpected plot twists and humorous writing style will be in my heart forever!

“Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them.”

These next two are suggestions by Jamie (who, as of recently has been mentioned numerous times).

The Clockwork Scarab – Colleen Gleason

clockwork scarab

It will make you need to read more!!! It’s a drug! It’s addictive!!! Must read!. You will fall in love!! I LOVE IT!!! (So there you have it, the verdict has been put forward… Do you agree?)

"There are a limited number of excuses for a young, intelligent woman of seventeen to be traversing the fog shrouded streets of London at midnight"

Bound – Donna Jo Napoli

boundThis book is a Chinese retelling of Cinderella but better. It has lots of ancient Chinese culture. It is so amazing and displays great women and their independence.

“Secrets could never be rushed. They had to come of their own accord, on their own schedule. That way ,when they came , the offered themselves as a gift.”

So that was our list! Have any you'd like to add? Just shout it out in the comments below. And until next time...
Keep the Nerdling Army Strong!

P.S. We would like to add some honourable mentions to this list
- The Gallagher Girls Series 
- Divergent Series
- The Maze Runner (suggested by Pipster)
- A Child Called It
- Memoirs of a Geisha 
& of course...
- Chicken Soup for the Soul

-Soup & Tj



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