Our Favourite Feel Good Movies

So you’re bored at home in the holidays and you just don’t know what to watch,  you want something to watch over and over again and make you laugh and feel strangely emotional…

We have the movies for you!

(Also,  we know you’re probably tired of lists and we’ll do something else next week we promise,  just hang in there)


The Fault In Our Stars- Okay this is more every emotion possible.  By the end you are an emotional wreck and are laughing and crying at the same time and feel like you are going to explode.

Synopsis: Teen Hazel has never been anything but terminal with stage IV thyroid cancer. Hazel pushes everyone away in an effort to stop people from missing her when she goes, but she can not deter Augustus Warers when she meets him at a cancer support group. This is a movie (and book) about cancer but not about cancer. It is funny, truthful, heartbreaking and will leave you having an emotional meltdown and questioning the meaning of life.



10 Things I Hate About You– We all love this movie (and we mean the movie, not the TV show). It’s funny,  happy, sad and amazing. Watch it!!!

Synopsis: New student Cameron has a major crush on the most popular girl in school Bianca but she can only date when her older (and anti boy) sister Kat dates. Cameron thinks the school bad boy ‘Patrick’ would be perfect for Kat and pays Patrick to go out with her.  It’s full of love triangles and hilarious one liners.



Easy A- She’s sassy,  funny and has total integrity.  Try to contain your laughter as you watch the fake sex scene.  The ending will leave you grinning from ear to ear.

Synopsis: Olive pretends to lose her virginity and soon becomes branded as the school slut. The people who do know she faked it soon start up a business of paying Olive to tell people they’ve done ‘stuff’ with her. Olive is always funny and manages to stay true to herself even though so much shit is going on around her.



Love Actually- Suggested by ‘Pipster’, this laugh out loud movie is something you cuddle down with on a rainy day and think about life.

Synopsis: This follows nine intertwined stories, and is considered one of the best feel good movies. This movie is all about how love connects us all and connects the characters on the screen. This is a hilarious and heartwarming movie.



Ferris Bueller’s Day Off- I think everyone aspires to be as cool as Ferris. This movie leaves you planning an epic day off school (which you’ll probably never get around to but…)

Synopsis: This is one kid seriously determined to have the day off school, after 9 days absent already though Ferris is going to have to pull something big this time. This time Ferris’  principal is determined to catch him out.  You will admire how genius and evil Ferris is and wonder why you never tried his brilliant ideas.



Forrest Gump- This movie just makes you appreciate life.  Not to mention it has some of the most memorable quotes.  ‘My Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates’

Synopsis: Forrest Gump is a very slow witted boy, who somehow manages to be incredible and do very well at everything he decides to do. He is very sweet and brings out the best in people and is disarming with his child like demeanor. This movie makes you appreciate life and you may sniff a few times. It is probably the sweetest most well meaning movie you’ll ever see.



The Perks of Being a Wallflower- This one’s a mixed bag,  you laugh,  you cry, you wish you were there,  you say; totes relatable! It’ll make you wish you had an awesome group of friends like Charlie not to mention you’ll be singing along to the awesome ‘Heroes’ by David Bowie.

Synopsis- Charlie has just started freshmen year and has trouble making friends. He eventually befriends a group of seniors and the movie follows his amazing and complicated friendship with them and his love for a girl in the group called Sam.  This movie is heartbreaking and it is one you will want to watch over and over again.



Any Disney movie ever made- Do I need to explain this one? I mean,  unrealistically dreamy characters and awesomeness.

So that’s all we have time for today… Do you have any movies that you like to watch over and over again? What movies do you think we should watch?

Until next time…

Keep the Nerdling Army Strong

-TJ & Soup


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