Boredom Busters

You’re a bored teenager that doesn’t know what to do with all their spare time now that all assessments are over…
You’ve come to the right place!! (We know we said we would stop making lists but just enjoy it for now…
– Make a scrapbook! This finally gives you an excuse to sort through all the crap sitting in the bottom of your drawers plus it’s a great thing to have on your shelf to look at (beware though, once you start going through anything your going to get major nostalgia!).
There are plenty of things to make a scrapbook on as well, be it, your friends, your life story or even your favourite youtubers!
burn book
– Read a book! You saw this one coming I know you did… but this can be so much fun if you just find the right book. Try everything, see what works out for you…
– Make a board game, okay so i know you’ve all probably been forced to make one in school at one point but they can actually be heaps of fun. Think trivial pursuit but instead of answering a question completing a challenge successfully, the possibilities are endless! (not to mention you can play it at a sleepover when you have a friend over and you’re bored)
You don’t even need to make a board game just find a cool one to master over the holidays and then challenge your friends at it.
-Eat! Or more specifically make the food before you eat it, this will not only pass a lot of time but you get to fill your stomach straight afterwords. Just don’t burn your entire kitchen in the process cause you got distracted by the internet (we all go through it…)
– Do a challenge- there are literally thousands of challenges that you can find on the internet, just choose whichever one you think you’d most like to do. It could be anything from sketch a day to a writing competition/challenge to an instagram photo a day challenge
– Sleep! A fool proof method of speeding through the day, and not to mention, it’s sleep…
– learn to do something new, you’ll obsess over it and actually do something productive with your time as well! (gasp, shock, horror) play an instument, learn how to master a new hairstyle, memorise all of taylor swift’s lyrics, whatever you want! pick something challenging and fun that you think you could keep at.
The last but certainly not  (probably) least…
– Surf the internet for things that you could do, but end up on some sort of social media anyway. We all do it , and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Well my be a little bit, but we’re here for you…
phone face.jpg
What do you think? any more suggestions? what do you do? leave it all down in the comments below!
until next time.
Keep the nerdling army strong!!
– Tj & Soup
lion king.gif

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