Last Minute Awesome Christmas Presents

So, it's less than a week till Christmas and you've realised you probably need to actually buy people presents, so you go on a last minute rush trying to find presents and trying to think of what to actually buy everyone.
Don't worry we can help! Here are some good websites and present ideas to sort out your next gift,




So the first website we clicked on by accident, but then couldn’t stop looking through all their awesome products! It’s called Redbubble and is pretty much a website where artists come up with fan art designs and you then can search a keyword on the site and hundreds of products will come up. You can specify what product you want the design printed on (which can be anything from a hoodie to stationary)  and the product will then be shipped to you. And trust us when we say this site has heaps of designs we mean you can get shirts that say troyler on them and phone cases of Kim Kardashians crying face! Here is a link:



Our next suggestion is: Get Creative! (trust us relatives love this shit) Make them a journal or a sketchbook, this is a great thing to make as they are actually reasonably simple to make (although they can get progressively harder depending on the design) and you don’t need to go out and buy much to make this. All you need is a needle and thread (for the pages), cardboard, nice paper or cloth (to put over the cardboard for the cover) glue and sticky tape. Here’s a good website with detailed instructions: home made gifts made easy



Food! Make someone food, buy them food, whatever! Who doesn’t like food?! You can give them food with a theme (a tardis cake, bertie botts every flavour beans), make them something funny that’s an inside joke (smarties because, smartie party). Even just a good old fashioned box of chocolates.



The website Awesome Inventions is possibly one of the coolest websites ever. Obviously they showcase awesome inventions, but some of the products they show you can actually buy! Yes please! I mean beer pong hats, captain America candy bowl holders and cookie dough Oreo’s among others, what is not to like?!



Personalized jars of nutella, does this even really need an explanation? It is a jar of the best food in the world, personalized for YOU! This has to be the best thing ever.


That's all for now! What do you guys want for christmas? Have you decided what your going to give your friends and family?
Until next time, Keep the Nerdling Army Strong
-TJ & Soup

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