DIY:Wall decor (decals!)

Dear Readers.

Yes I know…. This is late… And this is probably the look being replicated on every face reading this tight now…


Truthfully I have a barrage of excuses but I’m positive non of them will suffice, so I’m just going to hope on the spirit of Christmas coming, that you all forgive us (mainly forgive Soup –  this is my unorganised mess)…

One the plus side this is the very first DIY on this blog!!! Yeah… Aren’t you excited!!!

( representation of your inner thoughts)

*Currently scurrying away* I’ll let you read in peace…



  • PVC Self-Adhesive Film (or self-adhesive book covering) in your choice of colour: I have chosen black.
  • A ruler: If you plan on drawing your design like me
  • An utility blade: or scissors depending on what you’re comfortable using
  • A pencil: or other writing utensil

Once you’ve got all the materials lets get started!

  1. First step is to roll out your film and draw your design on the back (remember if you have writing of any sort to have it backwards). For this design I needed to draw triangles…

If you are doing a different design you can skip the instruction and move onto step 2.


For this I first decided my side length (5cm) and marked them accordingly…





Once I marked opposite ends of the sheet I drew lines straight accross.




Next, using my ruler I measured and drew a line 5 cm (my decided side length)  from the corner of the sheet to my first drawn line.



And from that I drew a line down to the corner of my next line.




I Continued doing that until I had drawn all the way across the base of my sheet and repeated another row on top…




2. Now that you have drawn your design, It’s time to cut it out! Yay!!! (depending on how complicated your design is, this may take a while so sit back with a good movie and let the process begin…)


3. Yes! you’ve cut out the design and all that’s left to do is stick it on the wall! (If you are doing a design like mine, or some sort of other repetitive shape, you may find it helpful to follow the process below, If not, decide where you want to place it and stick! It’s that simple..)


How I measured was to first take in the base of my triangle (5cm) and draw two dots with that measurement…



…And I placed my triangle on the two dots.




From the corner of that triangle I then measured 10 cm (the distance I want my triangles to be spaced) and placed a dot there.


I kept repeating step 3 for the remainder of the wall (the vertical spacing for my triangles was the width of my ruler – approx. 3.5cm)


In the end… I got a mess of self adhesive backing to clean up, and this…


I decided not to do the entire wall and turn the last row upside down for a more finished look….

So what do you think? Do you like it? Was this tutorial easy to follow? should we do more? Leave your opinions in the comments below!

Until next time.

Keep the Nerdling Army strong!!

-Tj & Soup





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