“Is it out yet?”

The lists are back!!

In celebration of the new year, Tj and I have timely discovered there are a lot of movies that we want to watch in 2016. (One of which we have been waiting for over 13 years to be released *cough cough* Finding Dory *cough cough*)

So before I start to ramble on, Let’s get get started!

  1. Finding Dory

Finally! the sequel to (arguably) the best disney pixar film ever! We can’t wait, disney and pixar have been torturing us with sneak peeks since about midway through this year. This is probably the most loved disney pixar film and a lot of parents (don’t lie parents, we know you’re not just going for the kids) and children are eagerly awaiting it’s release (and well..us)

2. Assassins Creed

Now I don’t know about Tj on this one, but being a big fan of the game series and I cannot wait to see what the movie turns out to be like. Assassins, action and adventure…. What more do you want?

3. Allegiant

Part 1 of the conclusion of the Divergent trilogy looks epic and everyone is eagerly waiting for it’s release. As people who have read the books know there are a lot of surprises to come.

4. Kung Fu Panda 3

Po is back!! and he is as loveable as ever…. Both Tj and I are huge fans of Kung Fu Panda (and so is my mum), so when we heard that a 3rd movie is coming out, we could not contain our excitement! Will Po finally find his father?!?! We shall find out…

5. The 5th Wave

Okay first of all id like to say that I (Tj) got this for Christmas and couldn’t put it down! This is for fans of the host out there (Soup is gradually getting more and more excited). Anyway, this sc-fi book is the first of a series and is coming out as a movie next year. First of all people either love or hate the book, so the announcement of the movie is getting some pretty mixed reactions and raising up a bit of a storm. (Soup has not read this book but is realizing that she must).

6. The Legend of Tazan

I (Soup) am a big fan of story retellings and this one cannot be described in any other word but, epic. Both Tj and I are extremely excited and we cannot really say anything else about this..

So what do you think? What movies are you most excited about in 2016? Do you agree with our list? Leave all your comments and opinions below and until next time…

Keep the Nerdling Arm Strong!

-Tj & Soup



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