New Years Resolutions You Will Never Keep

Today in the spirit of the new year we thought we’d do a little post on New Years Resolutions, with a twist though obviously (i mean otherwise it’s just boring). So i introduce to our list of New Years resolution that no one actually keeps….

(also i’m really really really really really really really really really sorry this is late…at least in some other countries it’s still Monday…)

Anyway i’ll just get on with it.chocolateaChocolate- Yeah, apparently people do actually make resolutions about this. I mean how can people live without chocolate?! How could these people restrain themselves? But anyway there is no way anyone would be able to make it through the year abstaining from chocolate unless they were allergic to it or hated it (but who could hate chocolate?!). Think of all those chocolate cakes, the cupcakes and when your at a party and someone offers some to you it would be rude not to accept. Right?


I will be more productive and get stuff done- Most of us have hesitantly whispered this one to ourselves on New Years. In theory it’s a great resolution, you could get your assessments done a week before they were due, you could learn a new course. We guarantee you though, that by new years day when your collapsed on your bed asleep because you stayed up till midnight to watch the fireworks and your parents asks if you can get up and help with breakfast, you will moan, roll back over and fall asleep.


I will run/do exercise of my choice rain hail or shine- Well first of all after you make this resolution you will convince yourself that you meant you’ll start running once school starts. Then once school has started and it’s the weekend and you’ve woken up at midday and it’s 0 degrees and hailing/snowing/raining outside you will slowly sink back down into the covers and think what a shame it is you woke up to late to go running…


Motivation- This one ties in with the productivity resolution. You say to yourself Oh yeah, i can be more motivated, i’ll be more enthusiastic in class, i’ll even sometimes listen to what the teacher says, i’ll get up early! After making this resolution you then don’t wake up till after 9 am the entire holidays and then run late for the bus everyday when you go back to school.


I will join a new school group/club- This one becomes a problem when you get to school and realise that: you can’t play an instrument, hate public speaking, aren’t athletic, don’t like performing and generally don’t like any of the clubs.


That’s all we’ve got for today, but what did you think? Do you have any New Years Resolutions you have trouble keeping?

Keep the nerdling army strong.



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