“The Nerd’s Declassified School Survival Guide”

Oh yes… You have now entered the land of teenage subcultures, assessments and stress.

You are expected to believe these will be the best years of your life and you should live it to the full by studying till your brain is fried in order to be accepted into university where you will have to study some more.

You will have to frantically search for a middle ground in the maze of social and academic expectations, and at one point or another realize that ‘High School Musical’ raised you to believe complete and utter bulsh*t

Dear Reader

Welcome to High School…

welcome to high school].jpg

Surviving High School Lesson 1: Friends

best friend.gif

Friends can be your saving grace when it comes to high school, whether it be missed classes, complete and utter boredom in class (passing notes is bad kids……but a hell of a lot more interesting than fractions, although it’s really fun to play paper toss when throwing said notes in bin) and if you’re really really really close, the holders of lovely, delicious food that you can ‘borrow’.

But don’t just grab onto the first person you see and declare a friendship (although if you do try it, tell us how it goes…), you have to first tackle the obstacle of making conversation *insert dramatic music here*. Now Soup (being the more clumsy, antisocial one in this pairing) knows just how scary this can be, from deciding what to actually talk about to simply having the courage to say it. (Tj on the other hand has no trouble making conversation, people just think she’s weird and slowly edge away after 2 minutes of it)

Sometimes all you have to do is say (to yourself)”what the hell” and blurt out the first thing that comes into your head. Whether or not what you said was relevant is besides the point, you have now started a conversation. Congratulations! Although Tj can assure you that asking every day how life is can get very frustrating *cough* I’m looking at you Soup *cough cough*

Or maybe you’ll be really lucky and someone else will start the conversation (possibly someone who worked really hard to do it) and you will soon find yourself with one of your furture best friends (Thankyou Tj!!)

“Dont be afraid to make new, worthy, and awesome friends”

Surviving High School Lesson 2: Teachers

I don't understand.gif

Now unlike primary school, and what american movies would have you believe. Teachers in high school can be your ‘friend’ (you know or aquaintance) (At least in Australia they can). They are not all bad (although some may be), and understanding the inner workings of their minds can be a great start towards better grades. Here are a couple of tips to ‘befriend’ *notice loose term of befriend* your teacher.

  1. Understand their sense of humour – Keep in mind, these people have to spend time (possibly hours) with tired, hungry teenagers every working day just to earn a living. This alone, can make the most down to earth person go a little loopy, so understanding that their sense of humour may be slightly warped from yours can be a great way not to cringe at every ‘joke’ they make. Try maybe even giving a little chuckle here and there. They may just appreciate it.
  2. Let some bad days slide – Teachers, believe it or not, are human too (I know, all your dreams of them being aliens that came down to earth to ruin your fun have been crushed), and with being human comes bad days. Just like you, they are tired, hungry and want to go home. So next time they are in a grumpy mood, give them some slack. *Note: All the above does not apply to educators who are constantly in a sour mood, we have yet to come up with a theory for them. Please be patient.*
  3. Ask questions – And no we do not mean asking them if unicorns exist when you are talking about the holocaust (which by the way is a ridiculous question and can be simply answered with a yes), We mean ask relevant questions. Something you didn’t get. Tell them. Missed something. Ask them to repeat it. Simply verifying that you are infact in the classroom and paying attention, can help them remember you when grading papers. Trust us, it helps…

And if all else fails and they’re just really nasty silently death stare them in class.

“Give them  a Break”

Surviving High School Lesson 3: Rules



From personal experience High School can have some pretty ridiculous rules that you may not be able to understand (*cough cough* hair length *cough cough*). From more personal experience High School actually let’s you speak up about these rules.

If there is a rule that you really don’t undertstand why it’s there or you strongly disagree with it, talk to someone. Try  a teacher, A coordinator, or if you really want to the principle. Ask them why it’s in place, and if you’re still not happy, try explaining why. But remember you won’t always get your way, and those rules are probably there for your well-being, so try and live with it. You’ll be getting out of there ina f ew years anyway and those rules with go out the window.

If worst comestoo worst you can always just b*tch about the rules to your friends and write why you think the rules suck (everyone in our class once signed a petition about a school rule).

“I disagree”

Surviving High School Lesson 4: Schoolwork

raising hand.gif

That’s right, the fundamental reason for you actually going to school (other than to see friends and be around people all day).

We know that sometimes school work can be boring but think about it. The sooner you get this done, the more time you have to do fun stuff, plus you can graduate and get the hell out of there. Good times all round. No but seriously. Just do it…. It’s the only way, there’s no shortcut, believe me we’ve tried.

And with the frustration of homework, I (Soup) have found it easier to just do it as soon as I come back from school, so I don’t risk forgetting to do and and I get the rest of the day for what I want. Simple.

TJ’s favourite time to do homework is actually on the bus on the way to or from school as she (I) have friends who catch the same bus as me that I can do my homework with them and it is a good way to pass the time leaving me with more free time when I get home.

“Self Control goes a long way”

Surviving High School Lesson 5: Relax



School’s over. The freedom of the weekend has come, and you deserve yourself a nice long relaxing day to do whatever the hell you want.

Go on and enjoy it.

Monday’s coming either way.

So there we go!

What do you think? Think we missed something? What are your tips?

Leave it all in the comments below.

Until next time.

Keep the nerdling army strong!

-Tj & Soup



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