YouTube Videos to Make your Day

You might want to cheer yourself up, maybe you want an idea for something funny to do with a friend, maybe you want to be overwhelmed by adorableness or want to cry your eyes out because of the feels(!).

Anyway, what we’re trying to say is YouTube is the place to go for all of these things (I mean YouTube has tutorials on how to help your goat give birth) and below we have put some examples of Videos that make our day.


TJ is in italics, Soup is in bold

  1. Any ThatcherJoe collab challenges (My personal favourites are the ‘dizzy challenge’ with  Caspar Lee and the ‘big mouth challenge with Oli White).

2. Any of the soldiers coming home videos.  loudly-crying-face

3. ‘5 Weird Stuff Online’ series by PewDiePie. Just…because…

4. You can never go wrong with funny cat videos.

5. iiSuperwomanii’s ‘parents’ reacting to or explaining anything sexual.

6. Babies doing weird things.

7. YouTube rewind (especially the 2013 one)

8. How it should have ended (Harry Potter, Twilight, Hunger Games etc.)

9. A bad lip reading ( specifically the star wars and twilight ones)

10. Parody videos (we recommend wrecking ball)

We do not own any of these videos and all rights go to the respected owners.


We don’t really have any words for the end of this post…


until next time…

Keep the nerdling army strong!

-Tj & Soup




5 thoughts on “YouTube Videos to Make your Day

  1. I (TJ) have seen nigahiga, he’s awesome! i would also like to say that yes i know it is JaspAr and that SOUP should know that to…(frowny face emoji) thanks so much for taking the time too look at our blog


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