“Looking better in black than the widows of our enemies since 1234”

Dear Reader

The shadowhunters have arrived yet again on the screens! but does it do better than the movie? Most important of all, the books?

(It’s 5 episodes in so we are prepared with a proper review for those of you who are to scared to watch it because it might ruin the books.)

Well here’s our impressions on the second shot at The Mortal Instruments “Shadowhunters”

Let’s go!

Jace – Dominic Sherwoodjace.png

Tj – he’s attractive. but not how I imagined him. I like him but he is not sassy enough. I don’t think anyone can live up to Jamie Campbell Bower because he played the character so well. He’s still beautiful though, he’s still Jace. The one bad moment was when he said, you have the sight. (Internally groan). He is really starting to come into the character now though.

Soup – I understand that it is hard to get characters absolutely perfect. I get it, and I’m not going to lie, when I saw him in the first episode with his hair slicked back with gel, I had my doubts. It was far from the ‘doesn’t care about what people think’ attitude that I imagined Jace projected to the world but… Yes a but… the more I saw him and the more fight scenes there were (where his hair was freed from the gel and fell in front of his face), I kind of started to see  why they chose this particular actor…I’m still undecided, But I do think that Dominic Sherwood did a fairly good job at playing Jace, and I wouldn’t cut him out of it just yet. I have a feeling he’s going to make us love him more and more until we have no idea what hit us…

Usually I’m remarkably good natured. Try me on any day that doesn’t end in y.

P.S He has mismatched eyes!!! (heterochromia iridum)dominic sherwood eyes.png

Clary – Katherine McNamaraclary.png

Tj – She’s a good actor, but not how I imagined clary. I imagined her to be shorter, more tuned to what is going on, more witty and her hair to be darker and curlier. Also a bit more curvy (like Beyonce). She’s kind of hot and cold.

Soup – Now Clary is very interesting… True she is not exactly what I imagined her to be like (but then again really, who is?), I’m not going to hold that against her… What really frustrated me about this character was that she was played so on and off. One minute she would be dainty and weak (which Clary certainly is not), and the next she will be frustrating and borderline rude (which Clary is not either). There was never that middle ground in the show, and I’ll be lying if I said that didn’t put me off. It’s not all bad news though, I’m just a bit confused, and only the future episode will tell me how I really feel.

Heroes aren’t always the ones who win. They’re the ones that lose, sometimes. But they keep fighting, they keep coming back. They don’t give up that’s what makes them heroes.

Alec – Matthew Daddarioalec.png

Tj – he is the most attractive person I’ve ever seen in my life. I Just.  He’s hotter than Jace.  He also actually looks like a teenager,  he’s a good actor,  he plays the part of Alec really really well. Best casting choice ever.

Soup – Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes… Alec is grumpy, Alec is stubborn, Alec is serious and Alec is played perfectly. There’s really not much I can say about this character, He’s wary when he first meets Clary and is protective of Jace when they get close. His relationship with all the Characters (especially Izzy and Jace) is acted out just as I imagined in the books and I could not be happier with this choice…

(Not to mention if you see the interviews, you’ll start to have a slight suspicion that this is actually Alec).

Sure he likes you. You’re hetrosexual and have low expectations of father figures.

Isabelle – Emeraude Toubiaizzy.png

Tj – I can’t choose between the two Isabelle’s I think the Isabelle in the TV show might be slightly better because she has more screen time and so has the opportunity to really come into character.

Soup – Although not how I imagined, when paired with Alec I could totally believe that they were related. Their attitude towards and with each other is played beautifully, and It honestly made me smile to see them together. On the case of Izzy as a whole, I did imagine her to be a bit more classy and confident rather than, showy and rebellious. Her overall attitude towards life is still how I remember it, and I can’t say I don’t love it…

“Nothing less than seven inches”

Simon – Alberto Ro

Tj – I don’t know about Simon he’s not terrible and after about two episodes in I decided he was growing on me but my first impression was he was too muscly (no offense actor who plays him) I just imagined Simon to be very skinny and lean and boyish. Also I really liked the guy who played Simon in the movie.

Soup – Honestly, I really liked the way simon was portrayed in the series, dorky and perfect boyfriend material just like in the books. The only thing I would have to say is that he’s a bit more buff then I had imagined him, (but hey, can you really blame a guy for working out). Alberto’s done a fine job overall though… 🙂

Vampire mojo strikes again!

Magnus – Harry Shum, Jr.magnus.png

Tj – he’s beautiful.  I mean he has a sparkly phone case (also the Malec moments in episode 5 are beautiful) I think the Magnus in the movie looked more like the Magnus I imagined from the books but I think the Magnus in the TV show plays him way better. harry shum jr. doesn’t just play Magnus,  he is Magnus.

Soup – You can’t not love Magnus and I will admit I was unsure when I first saw him, but all those doubts were smashed by a glitter canon the minute he and Alec saw each other… The tension! And when he completely crushed Jaces’ ego  by casually assuming Alec was the leader had me want to laugh and cry at the same time (it wasn’t pretty).. By this reaction I think Harry did a pretty good job as Magnus. (Malec has officially been more shipped than they were before… Is this possible?)

You might want to lie down. I find that helps when the crushing sense of realisation sets in.

Luke – Isaiah Mustafa luke.png

Tj – I actually really really like luke even though he is a police officer and different to how he is described in the books.  I also really like his actor and think he’s played really well.

Soup – With a surname like ‘Mustafa’ you can’t not give this man the job. Not to mention he did quite a good job at playing Luke. He was certainly not like I imagined but in all fairness I think I like this version better, I certainly didn’t dislike him… Having read all the books and knowing his whole story has me very excited as to how Isaiah plays this out. Only time will tell.

I’m a werewolf, not a golden retriever.

Valentine – Alan Van Sprang

Tj – I do not like him.  Or the other movie valentine for that matter but I like TV valentine even less.  I mean. … He’s bald! !!  😥 I imagined valentine younger and i want to just say that Valentines hair is supposed to be WHITE not black in dreadlocks and not non existent. I mean i’m sure he’s a great actor and we’ll get to know him more in later episodes, but…

Soup – This was a character where as soon as I saw him I had to pause and genuinely breathe for a minute. Yes Alan plays this character extremely well, I cannot get over the looks though. I know I’ve mentioned that you cannot get a character perfect, but this is different. In the books valentine was depicted as being white/blonde haired, charming and handsome. While people would argue this character is quite handsome he is no way near the description in the book. I contest that focusing completely on looks is unfair and in all honesty Alan Van Sprang is a phenomenal actor and I know he will play valentine well.

To love is to destroy.

Hodge – Jon Corhodge.png

Tj – I mean I like him, but….he’s to young and athletic. I always imagined Hodge as kind of old and someone who looked strong but would never actually display his strengths. I thought he’d be all wise like Yoda…

Soup – When the script in this part of the series heads in a completely off beat direction, Jon Cor did a pretty good job of keeping it together Although not fitting the description of black, greying hair, and middle age atmosphere his attitude of a banished, hurt, yet a hopeful character is played incredibly well. I have high hopes for Hodge in the future. I’m pretty excited…

All the stories are true.

The Plot

Tj – I would like to say that I saw a few interviews of the cast where they said they were changing a few of the events and I was really worried and thought they were going to ruin one of my favourite book series (again). It’s actually really good though,  the changes make sense and they’re not changes that make you go what?  No!  There changes that make you go,  actually that makes sense since it’s TV episodes.

Soup – I agree with Tj on the fact that I understand why some changes had to be made, and I do not disagree with them, but what I’m not so sure on is if I actually liked it. I’m really on limbo with this one, I loved The Mortal Instruments books (and TID even better!) and the TV show is growing on me but I’m still really scared to keep going.

I still can’t get over “You have the sight?!”….. Why? Just Why?

Well Ha! There it is! What do you think of it? Have you watched it yet?

leave all that and the usual stuff in the comments below…

until next time…

keep the nerdling army strong!!

-Tj & Soup

Shadowhunters is available on Netflix outside of America, and in America it shows every Tuesday on Freeform (ABC Family)




3 thoughts on ““Shadowhunters”

  1. Simon and Alec are the only ones I saw fit in with the book! Hodge?? wheres the old guy!??! Jace is supposed to take the screens attention instead i often wander off to Alec. Damn Mathew! Good review guys!! Enjoyed it.


    1. Yeah! I (Soup) have caught myself staring at alec quite a few times… but I think I’m getting used to Jace now, and with the case of Hodge… I’m trying to keep my hopes up… thankyou by the way!
      P.S Welcome to the nerdling army!!

      Liked by 1 person

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