If Disney Princesses were Zombies


Yes we know there was a thing on social media where they turned the Disney princesses into zombies, yes that was partly our inspiration…

We are also being original though, (kinda) we have picked 2 Disney Princesses and have decided to write their story as if they were zombies, what do we think would change, what would happen? We’ve gotten pretty creative with what we’ve written.

We have only written the start of the stories and leave it to you guys to finish (in the comments hopefully…)


Without further ado:


Mulan: Mulan is a zombie. Her mum just wants her to do normal zombie things like eat ZobmieWatchWarning2brains and kill humans but that’s not what’s on Mulan’s mind, Mulan secertly aspires to
be like her human father and join the zombie hunters like he did when he was young! The zombie hunters are a powerful army that eradicates out of control zombie’s and makes sure the zombie’s don’t eat any more than their quota. When Mulan’s father is called shangback to the zombie hunters after a year long leave from an injury Mulan seizes her chance and goes in his
place, disguising herself as a human. Mulan’s (actually dead non zombie) ancestors send the great and powerful zombie protector Mushu (travel size) to protect her. Once Mulan reaches the army she is put in a training camp. At the training camp Mulan meets the incredibly attractive leader of the troop, Shang. Shang makes Mulan very very confused as she just can’t decide whether to kiss his brains out or eat his brains out….


zombie ariel

Ariel: While hunting for whales brains, Ariel comes across a human prince and saves him. ariel giphAriel really badly wants to talk to the prince (Eric) but sadly realises she can’t as she doesn’t have a working brain. She decides to go back home…for now, but on her way back she finds Eric’s hand on the ground, It had been blown off in the accident. Ariel takes it home and uses it lovingly to brush her hair (it makes a nice edition to her collection of human parts as well). One day when Ariel is using the hand to brush her hair Ariel’s father comes in ursulasuddenly and immediately flies into a terrible rage. He believes humans should be eaten not kept as possessions! Ariel’s father then proceeds to eat the hand and the rest of Ariel’s human body collection right in front of her! Distraught by this turn of events, Ariel goes to visit the zombie witch of the sea Brainsula and  begs her to give her a brain and turn her into a walking talking human! Sadly there’s a catch, Brainsula says Ariel will have to…



So that’s where we decided to leave them off!

Tell us what you thought of this weeks post as it was a bit different. Feel free to continue the story in the comments below!

That’s all for now…

Keep the nerdling army strong!


p.s. We are thinking of changing our theme so, if you come onto the blog and it looks completely different don’t panic!

Copyright: We do not own any of the pictures used and all rights go to the respected owners.


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