Why Autumn is the BEST Season…

Dear Reader.

It’s the last day of Summer here in the southern part of the world, and to some of us at east, that is a very depressing fact…


No more beaches…


No more flip flops…

flip flops

And most important of all…..


slip slop slap.jpg

Yes, I know what you’re thinking… Autumn is ruined… but fear not! Too Much Information is here!

We have compiled a list of why you should get excited for autumn… So sit back, grab some food, and enjoy!



Okay so this may not apply to everyone… But both Tj and I’s birthday falls in Autumn (pun completely and utterly intended). It’s pretty awesome… Happy Birthday to all the Autumn babies out there! (Or Spring babies if you’re in the northern hemisphere).



sweater.gifTwo words.

Oversized Sweaters.

One of the best parts of the weather getting colder. You don’t really have to think about what you wear. Just pop a big sweater and you’re all set to go…

(Plus Tj is completely in belief that her Autumn/Winter wardrobe is ’10 billion times better’ than her Spring/Summer wardrobe… Soup has no such thing, her outfits consist of her putting the first thing she picks out on)




Not only do they change into the most warm and beautiful colours, once they’ve started to fall off you can pile em up (to be a good, responsible and helpful human being) and back Flip!

leaf pile.gif



hot chocolate.gif

Cold weather = Hot food = Heaven!

In Summer, not only are you sweating like a pig, it’s just too much effort to make hot food. In Autumn though you can happily make and drink bucket loads of it (on the belief that you are saving yourself from hypothermia of course, No other reason… at all…)

24 hr Bed…


It’s cold,it’s wet and it’s the perfect excuse to cuddle up in your blankets with a good book, movie or just binge watch tv shows…



No one will see your legs! No shaving till Spring.. You’re legs are hairy? No one cares!You feel a bit of prickle on those calves?  No one will see them! It’s beautiful!



Autumn weather is that perfect line between sunny some days and raining others. The weather’s not too cold, or too hot. It’s just perfect…

Just picture this.. It’s raining, You’re either at home and get to stay inside all day and just listen to music of watch movies. Or you go to school and you get to run around in the rain (no matter how much the teachers tell you not to).


What do you think? What’s your favourite season? Is Autumn just not Awesome!

As always leave all your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below…

Until next time…

Keep the nerdling army strong!

-Tj & Soup


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