TV Shows to Binge Watch (when you’re supposed to be working)

So for today we thought we’d recommend some tv shows to binge watch and get addicted to for when you’re supposed to be other stuff, like assessments…….which is what we’re supposed to be doing right now, but who cares….

Anyway onto our list of highly addictive binge worthy tv shows:

(Soup is the odd numbers TJ the even)



1.Outlander: The books are amazing and the TV show sticks so close to the book it’s impossible not to fangirl.

5_1The tv show is about Clare Randall a war nurse that moves to the Scottish Highlands with her husband in 19-something. One day while doing a bit of eavesdropping she is thrust back into 17- something Scottish Highlands and captured by scottish clan  members.

Trust me it’s amazing! Read it and watch it!

(WARNING: It can be very graphic at times)



2.The Vampire Diaries: I recently started watching these and i’m addicted! At first i thought i wouldn’t like them because i read the books and while they were okay i disliked a lot of the characters and skipped to the end a lot. But the TV  show is AMAZING.


Pretty much what happens is the main character named Elena was in a car crash where her parents were killed and is doing the whole moody depressed thing when she runs into a new guy at school named Stefan Salvatore (Except he’s not actually new he’s nearly 200 years old). She feels an immediate attraction and she and Stefan begin going out. Conveniently once everything is going great Stefan’s (adorable, hilarious, incredibly attractive, psychopathic, mass murdering) brother moves back to town and it turns out that Stefan and Damon are vampires and Elena looks exactly like Stefan’s evil psychotic ex girlfriend that turned him and Damon into vampires…(and that’s just the 1st season)

(WARNING: AT least 2 people get killed per episode)


3. Sherlock: Crime solving, highly, functioning sociopath with an awesome assistant… Need I say more?!



4.Dance Academy: Okay I know this is an aussie kids TV program but, I was in love with it (my OTP was Tara and Christian). I don’t know, the dancing was awesome and there was heaps of drama and funny moments.



It’s about a group f Aussie teens that go to a prestigious dance school in Sydney. The show’s all about them getting through school and their dancing as well as how their relationships with each other develop.




5.Agatha Christie’s Murder Mysteries: Based of the bestselling books this tv show is actually really addictive. It follows the adventures of various detectives with a different mystery each episode…the Agatha Christie murder mysteries never leave you bored…


(WARNING: a lot of people are murdered)






That’s all for now….

Tell us what TV shows you’re addicted to?

Keep the Nerdling Army Strong




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