How to Annoy People 101

-Dear Readers

It’s 2016 and it is hard to do anything that doesn’t annoy or offend anyone nowadays…


While most of these things can be considered trivial and sometimes downright stupid, there are just some things that are just inexcusable…

So naturally Tj and I have compiled a list… Enjoy!!

Tj – Bold

Soup – Italics

  • Walk into someone’s room for absolutely no reason and then walk out without shutting the door…. Need I say anything, the frustration!

open door.gif


  • Offer someone food and then eat it in front of their eyes (SOUP!! you suck) or never give it to them. I gave it to you! After you ate 3/4 of it!! 1/2… 3/5… 1/2… 2/3… I stand by the fact that it was a 1/2…

eating food.gif


  • Use your phone while someone is talking to you… Just because we are in the age of technology doesn’t mean it can overcome common manners…. *indirect shade to that person at my mums work* Yeah I would never do that…..

throwing phone.gif


  • Say something and when the other person doesn’t hear you say ‘never mind’ and don’t tell them. I am not guilty of this… mostly.

tell me.gif


  • Be really loud early in the morning… No 7 am is not an acceptable time to decide to vacuum the entire house *Parents take note*… You should have Soup’s pen pressing into the paper angrily as she wrote the draft.



  • Eat the food someone has mentally claimed for themselves.. Tj has had this happen to her too many times… Obviously it is absurd not to know that another person has mentally taken hold of that last chip…. absolutely rude!

single tear.gif


  • Leave an empty food packet in the cupboard for the next person (so when they go to eat it their should can be ripped from their bodies to haunt you in the afterlife *no exaggeration here*)



  • Be really tall and sit in front of the short person in class or at the movies… No matter how much you think so, your head is not that interesting! Especially when the short person doesn’t want to be ‘nerdy’ and sit up the front… A problem we have never faced…



Follow these bountifully useful pieces of advice and you will be on your way to making mortal enemies in no time…


Until next time

Keep the Nerdling Army Strong!

-Tj & Soup




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