Why Movie Book Covers are the Spawn of Satan

Dear Readers… Today I (Soup) have a bit of a rant for you, So sit down, buckle up and prepare yourself for a hell of a ride…

you ganna learn

So imagine this…

You walk into your favourite bookshop.


you peruse the shelves with wonder…peruse shelves.gif

When you see it…Your favourite book.

baby reading.gif

But with one fundamental difference…suspense.gif

It has been plagued with the dreaded movie cover….

hell to the no.gif

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you…..

Why Movie Book Covers are the Spawn of Satan.

  • The characters should be an individuals pleasure to imagine…

tv in your head.gif

When I read a book, I would like to imagine the characters in my own head and let me tell you, when a picture of face is staring out the front claiming to be the main character, it can get quite hard. One of the best parts about reading is that you get to create the entire thing in your head…. everything, and I don’t appreciate it if one of those experiences has been taken away.

  •  They often depict nothing about the book or the style of the author.

A book cover does one of two things… It is iconic…. It represents the books….. Movie book covers with famous actors and actresses detracts from the story and focuses on them…

For example

This is ‘Iconic Book Cover
This is ‘Creepy Guy with excessive hair gel staring into the depths f your soul’ (disclaimer: This is no representation of who Robert Pattinson actually is)













the bad beginning movie cover.jpg
This is ‘a book cover wannabe from a movie that didn’t even represent the true extent of the book’


This is a ‘recognizable book cover with beautiful illustrations’














major motion picture.jpg

I am NOT…. I repeat.

I am not an advertising agent. I do not care that it is now a ‘Major Motion Picture’. I picked up this book so that I can read it not have it shoved in my face and everyone else  who sees it that it is now a movie. I picked up this book, not because of the film (most of the time) and even if I have I want it to be separate from the movie.I appreciate books way too much to have them being an advertising concept.

I could go on for a while now, but it is time for me venture into the kitchen to have myself a form of dinner.

I don’t know how to end this other than to say that I believe movie book covers are unnecessary and it would be so much more cost efficient if we printed out the original covers in the first place.

I am not stupid, I do understand that it is supposed to support the movie, but I cannot and do not accept that.


Until next time…

Keep the nerdling army strong!

-Tj & Soup



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