Empire Records Rocks

Yes the title is a pun…

We’re sorry we couldn’t help it xD

So recently we both saw this movie and now we’re kind of in love with it… It’s a movie from the 90’s about a group of teens that work in a record store and it’s funny and real and just in general really good.

So with out further ado we present to you: Empire Records: The Review

The Characters


“He’s juvenile”


The shoplifting tween that wants a job so badly his willing to get the police involved… He’s also obviously a tween (his voice breaks at unfortunate moments)…In short we LOVE Warren.


“Are you mad Joe?”


This guy puts up with so much teenage sh*t and is still sane..someone give this guy an award! Also he’s a really good angry drummer…


“Don’t let the man get you down.”


My hero. This is the guy who when told not to leave the couch, takes a couch cushion with him so he doesn’t leave it. This is a guy when asked where the money is now states, ‘recirculating’. This guy is the reason our generation are considered smartasses…


“I went to rock and roll heaven, and I wasn’t on the guest list.”


It’s no secret that this movie doesn’t shy away from intense topics and this girl is just real… a bit psychotic… but real. Not to mention she has some pretty good comebacks. She’s honest and real and funny and all round awesome.


“Who glued these quarters down? I don’t feel that i need to explain my art to you.”


He has good taste in music, he’s an amazing artist, his loyal and an amazing friend and he’s really f*cking attractive. He is beautiful and i love him!

He has pretty nice hair…



He’s our spirit animal/human. He’s band Marc with a c is going to be totally psychedelic…


“I swear the shorter your skirt gets the smarter you get”


She’s very…out there. But she’s awesome and funny and has an amazing voice…Even if she has an interesting taste in men.

Rex Manning

“Say no more (mon amour)”


He’s old.


 “I’m bringing Rex his lunch!”


She is a closet speed freak that looks like Anne Hathaway but she’s pretty cool…. she also has interesting taste in men…

Poofy black hair dude (we can’t remember his name)


He plays guitar really well…

Pizza guy

“You left your..thing behind”


He’s awesome, also he delivers pizza…..


It is literally one hectic day at the music store Empire Records.

Lucas thinks Joe is going to sell empire records and it’s going to be turned into a music town (an overpriced chain of music stores). Lucas believes it is his job to stop this, so he takes the $9000 out of the stores safe and gambles it in an effort to make more money…instead he loses it all.

It is also Rex Manning day and the day Joe’s payment of the store’s money was due….



Alternative 90’s scene




So that’s all for now…

Hope you enjoyed this weeks post…You should definitely watch this movie!

Keep the nerdling army strong…


We do not own any of the images used all rights go to the respected owners.


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