The Sickness Survival Kit

Dear reader,

It’s the last month of Autumn here in the southern hemisphere and it seems like everyone is getting sick . The worst part of this, no ones even faking it.

So what do you do? How do you survive this awful thing called a cold? Well we bring you our sickness survival kit, a sure-fire way to get you through your day of (non-faked)


Item 1:

Pajamas, if your home from school and are feeling sick you’re probably not going to need to go anywhere. If you’re not going anywhere why get changed into clothing that is socially acceptable? It simply doesn’t need to be done. So pull out your ugliest most horribly patterned flannelette pajamas and revel in the fact that no one is going to see you like this (hell don’t even brush your hair)!

Item 2:

The fluffiest dressing gown you own, You have to kind of…make a nest out of it. After that you can’t move, it’s just to damn comfy.Sometimes when no ones looking you can stroke the sleeve of the dressing gown and marvel at how soft it is xD

Item 3:

A box of tissues. Just sit them beside you and permanently hold one to your nose, it has to stop running eventually…right? The tissue box is also really great when it has frozen fever on it and you can look at how adorable Olaf is while feeling like sh*t…

Item 4:

All the Harry Potter movies. Now I don’t know about you guys but Harry Potter is my go to sick movie, Maybe because instead of getting sick they get to go to Hogsmeade  and form secret defense against the dark arts clubs called Dumbledores army… I don’t know i just love these movies.

Item 4:

Okay so when i said Harry Potter was my go to that doesn’t mean I watch it every time…last time I was home sick i binge watched the vampire diaries and pretty little liars, the best [lace to do this is Netflix. Is it sad that I can’t imagine a life without Netflix? (….Don’t actually answer that it was rhetorical and I don’t want to know you response).

Item 5:

Buttermenthols. The only non terrible tasting cough drop in history. I know people who buy these when they’re not even sick…

Item 6:

Social media, how else would you whine to all your friends?!

Item 7:

Pasta and sauce. Okay i know dairy is supposed to be bad for you when you’re sick (Fact: dairy is bad for you when you’ve got a chesty cough) but pasta and sauce is a really delicious, amazing thing…that you can cook in the microwave when you don’t want to wash up a pot.  But it does taste really good, my personal favourites are the four cheese and the mac and cheese.

Item 8:

Peppermint tea. Peppermint tea is great, it doesn’t require milk (see no dairy), it’s hot and it gets rid of the gross taste you get in your mouth.


So as you might of guessed I (TJ) am slightly sick (I actually took a day off school for my health! :0) so i felt the need to whine to everyone in a blog post and relate to everyone who has a cold/is sick.

Hope you guys can use this survival kit in the future…

What do you guys need to ‘survive’ when you’re sick? Let us know in the comments below!

Keep the Nerdling Army Strong


p.s. i’m really really really really sorry this is late…


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