Our Gap Year

So Soup and I (TJ) may have planned out pretty much the first 5 years of our life after high school…

But you know what else are you supposed to do when you’re bored in class?

Anyway one of the things both Soup and I would really like to do is travel, so today we have compiled a list of places we would love to travel to on our gap year (Yes we planned EVERYTHING)  together:

TJ Bold, Soup Italics


Just because.

Why not?


So, so beautiful…

Okayyy? I’ve never heard of Bhutan but I’m up for it…


It’s really pretty, it has snow and there are northern lights

Spider pig, spider pig….

Omg I forgot they go there in the Simpsons Movie!


Hola, Dora taught me well…

Swiper, no swiping!


One word: FOOD

There’s pizza and gelato and pasta and lasagna and…*drools*

*drools even more*

Abu Dubai-

When i’m a millionaire I will stay in one of their mansions drinking water out of a champagne glass… water….right…


Some of my name is German so I have an obligation…



You do not know how much i love this place…



England is pretty cool. I mean castles….

Also Will Herondale…Amen

Katterdam (from Six of Crows)

Not the prettiest/safest place but awesome! 


‘Yer a wizard Harry!’ I would kick arse at quidditch at Hogwarts (it’s the only sport i actually know the rules of…)

The 3 headed dog on the 3rd floor is totally safe as well…


I can’t swim but still…

This was a good movie…


Specifically prince Caspian’s arms… (You have a boyfriend!)…But Yes…

The Baudelaire Mansion-

Before it burnt down obviously…

That’s all for now!

Okay so the post started of kind of serious, but there are so many fictional places we’d love to live in and Soup and i are physically unable to be serious for longer than 10 minutes…

Do you agree with the places we want to go?

Where would you go for a gap year?

Anywhere you’d recommend?

Keep the nerdling army strong!



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