Is Australia… Google Autofill

Dear Readers!

It is a common known fact that in this time and age any question that has entered our minds can easily be transferred to the google search bar. This can often lead to many weird and wacky question that make us question the sanity of everyone we know…



Today Tj and I (Soup) aim to uncover the deepest questions google has about Australia and answer the with the utmost accuracy (maybe)…

Ladies and Gentlemen (and other) we present to you…

Is Australia… Google Autofill

Tj – Bold      Soup – Italics

If you’re not aware of how ‘Google Autofill’ works, it is quite simple…

You type the phrase ‘Is *topic*’ (in this case Australia) and follow it with each letter of the alphabet, answering the first question on each…

You’ll get the hang of it… Let’s begin!



Is Australia an island?

An island of unimaginably big spiders, messed up politics (we’d give America a run for their money) and vegemite? Yes…. yes Australia is an island…. 

Hey at least our politicians don’t have fake tans…. and we are also an island of beaches and cute animals….but yes also spiders and messed up politicians. Vegemite is pretty good though.



Is Australia bigger than USA?

In geographical terms…. no….. But can we please address the person who searched the third one down… You Sir/Ma’am get a big slap for even searching that up…. Of course it is… ;P

Mainly because Australia has vegemite. Oh, and beaches with real sand (i swear to God one time in Canada i went to the beach and it had actual sand so i was really excited…until i stepped in the water and realised the sand was transported in and the beach was actually covered in pebbles)



(To cease repetition) Is Australia Cold?

Yeah it’s freezing…


Soooo cold…


No but jokes aside Australia’s weather (at least where we live) is as indecisive as the U.K. on where it wants to be… One week it’ll be ready to burn you to death and the next we’ve got flood warnings… Oh Australia.

Also we do actually get snow, just not much…but i can proudly say that i have had a few snow days in my lifetime 🙂 Not to mention there is a saying that i have heard about Australia which is ‘if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes’ which pretty ,much sums it up TBH….



Is Australia dangerous?

If you know how to avoid snakes, spiders, kangaroos, crocodiles, sharks and jellyfish as well as having a foolproof fire and flood plan, you could consider Australia as pretty safe… But remember to look out of ‘Drop Bears’ and ‘Hoop Snakes’…. deadly I tell you…. ;p

Also did i mention that Soup is scared of spiders….this is slightly problematic when you live in a place that gets huntsman spiders as big as dinner plates (don’t worry though, they may be furry and terrifying but they’re actually pretty harmless)




Is Australia expensive?

On my budget… everything’s expensive…




Is Australia flat?

We’re as flat as the several hundred jokes I tried to insert here…..

Although to be fair the 2nd flattest place on Earth is in Australia. i’ve driven across it and i’m not going to lie it was cool the first 5 minutes…the next hour not so much…



Is Australia gun free?

Yes we have guns in Australia… No we are not allowed to just walk into the shops with them… And Yes… It’s working…

No we don’t give the teachers guns to stop the next mass shooting…



Is Australia Humid?

Umm… Not that I know of… 

Soup…IT IS!!!!! OMG especially in Queensland, one year we had christmas in Cairnes and i nearly died! It’s so hot and humid they have fans on the porches, legit it feels like your swimming through the air when you go for a walk.



Is Australia in… the UK… Asia… USA?

no, no and definitely no…we’re like the antisocial one in a dysfunctional group of friends..

I.E Australia is me



Is Australia Just?

Yes Australia is just……. awesome! (ok yeah I know that was bad)



Is Australia Kingdom?

No actually… Australia is a constitutional monarchy… Random fact… (I mean you’ve got to learn something don’t you)

Yay for democracy….



Is Australia like America?


What is it with everyone and comparing things with America…. no…. no Australia is not like America…. no one is like America…. We have kinder eggs… 

oooh and caramello koalas



Is Australia mostly desert?

Umm…I’d say around 35%… the rest being deadly spider infested plains…

Okay we don’t actually have that many spiders…



Is Australia NATO?

As far as I know it’s not but is sort of like an ally in the sidelines… I told you we were the antisocial ones…



Is Australia Oceania?

I guess you could consider Australia as being Oceania but technically it’s in the continent of Oceania also known as Australasia… 

Hint, we’re Australasia



Is Australia part of … the UK… Asia…. the US?


I’ll just insert this picture here…




Is Australia qualified for the world cup 2014?

I barely keep up with sport now as it is let alone in 2014… sorry internet I don’t know … (google has told me that they did… yay?)

All I know about the World Cup is one time they had it in Brazil…



Is Australia real?

That’s it! Our secret’s out! Australia is just a myth! I’m actually typing this from Narnia… 

Speak for yourself, i’m typing from Hogwarts



Is Australia socialist?

No! we are not at all social…. or ist….. how dare you suggest such a thing…

why be social when you can write a blog post no one will read?



Is Australia the most dangerous place in the world?

At this point I feel as if may other countries are heading down a much more perilous path…. *cough* America *cough




Is Australia urban or rural?

Depends…. are you here…


or here…




Is Australia vegan friendly?

oh yeah… every vegan gets a free kangaroo on arrival… true fact….

And a gum tree



Is Australia worth visiting?

Jokes aside Australia’s a pretty cool place… You won’t regret coming here for a holiday…. (unless you try to touch the kangaroo…. do not try and touch the kangaroo)… 

Unless the kangaroo is at a zoo and they say you can touch it… Yeah Australia’s a pretty cool place to live or even go on holiday to, i’d say living here means you get a pretty cool (and unique) lifestyle



Is Australia xenophobia?

Hahaha… just look up the definition and you’ll understand why e’re so far away from everyone else….



Is Australia your future?

There was an ambulance going by just as I searched this and my first though was that person wasn’t going to have much of a future and now I feel like a horrible person…

Well maybe Australia isn’t their future?



Is Australia zoo still open?

Apparently we really love our animals… and to answer the question on everyone’s mind… no we do not keep kangaroos at the zoo… honestly they would probably punch through the glass..

^Incorrect there are kangaroos at some zoos, but mainly kangaroos are at wildlife sanctuaries

That’s it!

That’s the A to Z of what google wants to know about Australia…

A bit of a pointless one today but hey we all need those one’s…

what should we do for our next google autofill?

Also what country are you all from? How far can we get across the world… leave all that and any other thoughts in the comments below!

Until next time…

Keep the Nerdling army strong!

-Tj & Soup


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