Star Trek Beyond Review


Dear Reader,

Yesterday I (TJ) being a huge sci-fi fan went and saw the new Star Trek…(!!!!) So today I have prepared a review for all of you lovely people 🙂

I would like to say before I start that although I love the old Star Trek’s and they are classics, i’m starting to think I like the new Star Trek’s better…(Trekkies please don’t kill me!)

Anyyyway here we go:

Director: Justin Lin (J.J. Abrams left to Star Wars :,[ )

Genre: sci-fi (duh)

startrekbeyondposterDescription: Deep space is starting to take it’s toll on Captain Kirk and the crew of the U.S.S. enterprise 3 years into their 5 year long journey. While stocking for supplies at the new starbase (? Is it called a starbase?), ‘The Franklin’, an escape pod from a research vessel arrives. Kirk and the crew of the enterprise reluctantly agree to help the woman on the escape pod go back for the rest of her crew that is stranded on a planet in uncharted space. Once they get through the nebula (and quite a few asteroids) the enterprise is attacked by a ‘swarm’ of enemy ships. The crew is forced to abandon the ship in escape pods. Nearly all these escape pods are taken hostage by the enemy who appear to want something from Kirk.

Kirk, Chekov, Spock, Bones, Scotty and their new ally Jaylah need to find a way to save the crewof the enterprise, figure out what the leader Krall (a.k.a the enemy) wants and find a way off the planet their stranded on.


20130513__130515ae-benedict-cumberbatch-as-terrorist-john-harrison-star-trek-into-darknessOkay, I actually don’t know what one of the new Star Trek’s is my favourite now…the first one introduced everyone, how they met and their time at the academy. Then ‘into darkness’ had Benedict Cumberbatch and Benedict Cumberbatch is amazing.

Beyond though pretty much tops the lot, it’s just (!)…


Okay so, so far from the critics this film has been getting fairly good reviews but only average reviews from the public and I can see where both sides are coming from. This movie ventures more into the style of the original movies but with better special effects and more action. Star Trek fans love this direction whereas the general public aren’t as sure as they haven’t seen the original Star Trek’s which is understandable. In my opinion as a (semi) fan i really enjoyed this movie and it’s definitely towards the top of my favourite sci-fi movies. Here’s the lowdown on why:2b5b5e97-577b-4159-9292-6d8dbf5a4762-star-trek-wallpaper-star-trek-32292834-1920-10

The movie is quite fast paced and follows several people’s experiences at different
places. The dialogue is funny and shows that the tumblr_inline_nw8hh5ezmg1rdych8_500characters (and most likely the actors) have known each other for a while now and are comfortable with each other. The villain is also very interesting and his background story is revealed casually towards the end even though it is actually very surprising. The movie also ventures away from the usjhqzjrq9zybhke6dbecbual pairing of the characters, when stranded on the planet, Kirk is with Chekov, Spock is with Bones , Sulu is with Ahora and Scotty is with the newcomer Jaylah. Their is lots of action and fight scenes and the movie keeps the tension and suspense running throughout the movie.


‘well at least I won’t die alone’

Characters: The characters have more depth in this movie then the previous ones and the actors seem more comfortable in their roles. All the acting is really good and the dialogue especially is really fun to watch. Although the film was action-packed I found I was actually
enjoying the dialogue the most.giphy1

Chris Pine is as always attractive and plays Captain Kirk really well. Other great
performances are by Zachary Quinto (Spock), Karl Urban (Bones) and Anton Yelchin (Chekov).


While on the subject of the cast, i wanted to say how sad it is that Anton passed away and it was awful to hear the news… (In the credits it just said ‘For Anton’ and I may have shed a tear or 2)…




…On a happier note I really enjoyed this movie and highly recommend it!



That’s all for now…

I hope you enjoyed this weeks post! Have you seen Star Trek? Do you like the old ones or new ones better? Anything you’d like to this weeks post? Put it all down in the comments below!

Keep the Nerdling Army Strong!


Disclaimer: We do not own any of the photos used, all rights go to the respected owners.

P.S. Can we please just appreciate Chris Pine (and Chris’s in general TBH)



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