Bad Good Guys

Dear Reader,

You know how there are those books that you love, a lot, but the books just have one problem… you just can’t find it in yourself to like the main character. You just don’t know what it is, but they frustrate you and piss you off as much as the bitchy annoying kids at your school (because, well, they’re bitchy and annoying).

So for today’s list we will be counting down our most disliked heroines/heroes of books:

1.Isabella Swan (Bella)- Twilight


I’m not going to lie, Bella pisses me off a lot. Not only does Kristen Stewart only have one expression in the entire movie series, book Bella is also incredibly frustrating. She strings Jacob and Edward along for 3 (and a half) entire books, she also becomes a depressed recluse when Edward dumps her. She also is obsessed with becoming a vampire, I mean, i get why she wants to be with Edward forever and everything but I don’t see what she finds so appealing about being a vampire either.

Bella can be a bit…extremely emotional. So what i’m trying to say is that Bella needs to get her shit together!

And in the wise words of Ronald Bilious Weasley, ‘She needs to sort out her priorities’.



2. Valkyrie Cain- Skulduggery Pleasant


Okay I actually really like Valkyrie and i don’t so much dislike her, just one thing she did.

This one thing though is a terrible, terrible terrible thing because SHE CHEATED ON FLETCHER THE NICEST, PRETTIEST MOST ADORABLE BOY IN THE WORLD WITH A STUPID VAMPIRE. I may have felt very strongly when this happened in the books and may have been slightly upset…


3. Stefan Salvatore- The Vampire Diaries (book and TV show, mainly TV show)

stefan_salvatoreOkay, yes he’s hot and everything, but i find him so…annoyingly good. He’s always trying to be the hero and never really admits to doing anything wrong. At least Damon is upfront about who he is and clearly states that he is an arsehole ( a really, really attractive and beautiful arsehole though).

Also Stefan looks like his permanently constipated, i’m not going to lie, just look at the picture to the left! I will give him the fact that he becomes more interesting and much more bearable in Season 5 onwards, the books I find him pretty boring the whole way through TBH.




4. Evan- The Fifth Wave

evan-5th-waveYes, he’s nice and he saves Cassie, but he also pisses me off a lot (and not just because Cassie and Ben would be the cutest couple ever and i ship it). He’s always trying to save Cassie and he doesn’t really give her a chance to fend for herself. Not to mention for the first half of the book he can’t decide whether to kill her or not…

Also he keeps trying to sacrifice himself for Cassie, can’t he just say I love you and leave it at that?


5. Augustus Waters- The Fault in Our Stars







Why did Augustus have to be so beautiful?!





That’s all for now, Hope you enjoyed this weeks post.

Are there any characters that you probably should like, but don’t?

Do you agree with our list? If you don’t why and what part?

Leave it all in the comments below!

Keep the Nerdling Army Strong!



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