Side Characters that Deserve Their Own Book…

Dear Readers!

Arguably the most memorable thing about any book are the characters and while the main character’s are great (most of the time) it is definitely the ‘side characters’ that push the story forward…

Ladies & Gentlemen I present to you

Side Characters that Deserve Their Own Book

Uriah Pedrad – The Divergent Trilogy


You can’t have a list about awesome side characters without mentioning Uriah. The character is the embodiment of perfect from the moment we meet him. He’s kind, smart, not too shabby looking either and not to mention it would be really cool to have his point of view, being dauntless born and all….

Simon Lewis – The Mortal Instruments Series

the mort.jpg

Alright so Simon is actually about to have his own side story (there’s a series of ebooks about him going to the shadowhunter academy published online) but wouldn’t we all love a series of written books solely about Simon to be honest. He’s one of the most loveable characters from the series. With lines like “I am a badass and I recognise that you too are a badass” who wouldn’t love this geeky, sarcastic guy.

Inej Ghafa – Six of Crows

sixin.jpgIn a land of thieves and crooks you wouldn’t be able to say that Inej stands out, but that’s exactly the point. This wraith is silent, deadly and we realise that her point of view is prevalent in the books but who wouldn’t love a story just about our young spy.

Primrose Everdeen – The Hunger Games Trilogy


We really want to know what she did when Katniss was in the Hunger Games, who were her friends? What it was like for her in the later books and how she coped? There is no doubt that Prim is a strong woman and to read from her young but surprisingly mature point of view is something we would all love to see.

The Komizar – Hear of Betrayal (The Remnant Chronicles)


We all love a good bad guy, and The Komizar is the best bad can get. Admittedly this guy’s a bit crazy, but chaotic evil (with just a hint of selfish kindness) is just really attractive on him. It would be so fascinating to know what going on inside that head and who doesn’t want to experience being the bad guy once on a while.

Fletcher – Skulduggery pleasant 


Firstly his origin story would be really interesting for when he discovered he could teleport and then what happened after the break up and his time in Australia. We admit he can be kind of annoying and idiotic, he’s likeable (in a weird and unfathomable way). His point of view would be so fun to read.

Dumbledore – Harry Potter 


This one’s mainly because of the history. There is no doubt the that Harry Potter Universe is incredibly immersive but a dumbledore perspective aout the past would be amazing! Also his tie at Hogwarts and his sister, not to mention his relationship with Grindlewald… There is too much! This needs to happen!

So what’d you think?

What side characters do you want to read from?

any you completely disagree with?

Leave it all and more in the comments below..

Until next time…

Keep the Nerdling Army Strong!

-Tj & Soup


4 thoughts on “Side Characters that Deserve Their Own Book…

  1. *Chants* New post, new post. Please *Chants*

    Nice post! I totally agree with Uriah and Dumbledore. They’re both such amazing characters and are somehow not noticed much. Especially Uriah, when you look at the movies he is only seen in one or two scenes which is ridiculous. He’s an AMAZZZIINNNGGG character.

    I’ve been hanging on for a new post! You guys are such good writers!

    Liked by 1 person

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