The Cursed Child Book Review (minor spoilers)

Dear Readers

Another addition has been added to our much loved Harry Potter Series and needless to say it was well received. People flocked to the shops to get their hands on a copy but was it warranted?

Ladies and Gentlemen I (Soup) present to you…

The Cursed Child

Tj – Bold     Soup – Normal

First Impressions:

May I just say, this cover is stunning… but that’s not the point…. moving on…

Contrary to what most people say I really enjoyed reading this as a script. The whole book was extremely fast paced but at the same time never felt as if it was leaving important bits out. The dialogue was intriguing and hilarious and the characters that said them just as lovable (or not so lovable). I would like to point out that certain anticipated characters were not present in the book but I can sort of see why…. sort of…

I was dubious about this book because a) it was a script and b) it wasn’t written by J.K. Rowling. But I am happy to say I was wrong! I loved this book/script. It was really well written and the characters were portrayed really well. Even though it is a script a lot of the passages still read like a book.My only wish is that it was longer and showed more of life at Hogwarts.



Albus: Now I had a very love, hate relationship with Albus. I realise that he was just being a teenager but that is no excuse for being a plain ass… to be fair though I probably know more about his father than he does and that’s saying something. I still love him and in his circumstances I would probably be like that too… Good on Ya Albus for not growing up to be a complete sociopath.

Scorpius: Is it fair to say that I’m in love…. because I’m in love… Scorpius is just so darn adorable! How does someone like him exist and where can I find them… I have no doubt in saying that he is my favourite character and him and Rose belong together! (Scrose? Rosius? is there even a ship name for this?)

Rose: Let’s just say opposites attract (even though only one opposite is attracting) because Rose is the complete opposite of Scorpius… She’s like a miniature, moodier Hermione… Even after everything I can’t bring myself to not like her… she’s not really in the main plot of the story and you don’t really see her character a lot so I can’t say for sure but how can you not love any child that is a mixture of Hermione and Ron?

Harry: After all that he’s been through, this is probably how I would have imagined to be as well… He’s trying and I appreciate that but come on… Pull yourself together man!


Ginny: Perfect mum to be honest… a little bit of Mrs. Weasley peaking out here and there and that just made me love her even more.

Hermione: Still the organised, badass, level headed girl we know and love. and her and Ron are true couple goals….

Ron: Ron is Ron and I would not change a thing about him….

Albus: I love Albus and i hate him. I hate him for not understanding Harry and being kind of standoffish but i love him for being different and not giving a shit and in some ways being better than harry.

Scorpius: Scorpius was actually my favourite character. He was really down to earth and real. I think his character had the most layers (like an onion) and i loved all his lines, which were all very quotable.

Rose: Likable but also kind of dickish, especially when she and Scorpius obviously belong together. Although she is Ron and Hermione’s child so you can’t stay mad at her for long.

Harry: It’s actually exactly how i’d imagined him to age. I started reading his lines and the description of him and i was like, of course, of course that’s what he does and that’s what he’s like. Although there are points where he pissed me off a little…

Ginny: I just want Ginny to be my mum.

Hermione: Hermione is of couse badass and nerdy at the same time and i love that shes the head of the household and Ron is pretty much a stay at home dad.

Ron: Ron helps run Weasley’s wizard wheezes and it makes me so happy.



I honestly love the storyline but some things just didn’t make sense to me like…PADMA PATIL!? what the hell??? no… no….. no! I’m glad they made Scorpius sort of the main character and that plot twist although sort of expected (well I suspected) was still a shocker… overall this book kept me turning the pages and I think a reread is coming up soon. Also the time travel element and and how changing one thing, lead to so many others was just exquisitely done… Needless to say I loved it…

Oh my god…oh my god. this book. It was so good! First of all (small spoiler) whoever came up with the idea of putting Albus in Slytherin is a genius! I also love Draco’s son and Hermione being minister of magic made me so happy. This book actually answered so many questions that the prisoner of Azkaban gave me (and harry potter how it should have ended).Its all about time and how changing one small thing can change a lot of things and create a ripple effect. I also love how this book actually thinks about what it would be like to be the son of harry potter who is now a famous wizard and how hard it would be. In some ways its a lot more realistic in the characters relationships then previous books.

There we have it! Our thoughts on the Cursed Child…

Have you read it yet?

What did you think? Did you agree with us? Disagree?

Leave all that and more in the comments below…

Until next time

Keep the Nerdling Army Strong!

-Tj & Soup


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