Why Having a Pen-pal is Actually the Best




  1. It’s like texting, but without the commitment (When I reply to my pen friend the letter sits on the bench at least a week before i actually send it)giphy1
  2.  You actually find out a lot about the person (I don’t know how it’s just different when you write letters, it’s kind of like keeping a diary but you actually want to write a letter [I kept a diary for a year-i wrote in it 6 times- but it was over the course of a year])200_s
  3. You’ll have somewhere to stay with and hang out with if you ever want to travel (My uncle got to stay with his pen friend in Amsterdam and it sounded amazing)jump-water
  4. You have someone to give you impartial advice(they don’t know any of your friends so they can give you advice that isn’t bias to one side)200
  5. It can help your language skills (My entire Japanese class in Year 8 got to write to students at our sister school in Japan in Japanese and they wrote back in English)tumblr_inline_n565ryqdmi1s0u9u5
  6. You get secret insider information about that country…. you get to know all the secrets! but seriously no joke… 75% of my pen pal conversations are insider info on that particular country and its weird customs… let me tell you, there are a lot..secret.gif
  7. Presents! I know I love sending little gifts over to my pen pal and she sends me stuff as well and it’s like Christmas when it arrives. Just small things like a keychain or a photo or a handmade bracelet that mean so much…beautiful.gif
  8. Relaxed slow conversation. There’s no rush when it comes to good old letters.. they take ages to send and ages to receive, which can be frustrating sometimes but overall it’s a calming experience.. There’s no pressure… and not to mention you can pretend to be in like the 1800’s writing by candlelight…no judgementrelax.gif
  9. You both actually WANT to talk to each other. both of you are literally paying to talk to each other, so why would you continue it if you didn’t want to do it. I think that’s true friendship right there…like.gif
  10. Its Fun!…. The whole point of having a pen pal is having fun and who knows maybe one day you’ll meet?


So what’d you think? Do you have a pen pal? would you like one? any funny experiences?

leave all that and more in the comments below!

until next time…

Keep the Nerdling Army Strong!

-Tj & Soup


2 thoughts on “Why Having a Pen-pal is Actually the Best

    1. Thanks Athena! I do agree finding a pen pal is hard but there are some websites where you can register for a pen pal (although I must admit all my pen pals are people I’m friends with who have moved away)

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