TV Shows to Binge Watch… Historical Edition

Dear Readers…

A long long time ago.. Tj and I (Soup) created a blog post about TV shows to binge watch… Now that holidays have just finished we have had a lot of time to binge watch and discover new shows (at least I did) and may I just say there are a plethora of amazing historical TV shows that the historical fanatic in me feels like sharing.

Without further a-due we present to you…

TV Shows to Binge Watch… Historical Edition

1) Merlin (2008 – 2012)


OH MY GOD!! I (Soup) cannot believe that I did not put this in the first post… I have no idea what was wrong with me but honestly I have watched this show countless times throughout the years and I will never stop loving it. It takes place in Camelot, where we follow the life of a young Merlin as he undertakes a quest to raise Prince Arthur into Camelot’s future king. If that doesn’t peak your interest enough may I just say that this show is hilarious! Countless times have I doubled over laughing and the characters are just the best. I thoroughly recommend this show  for it’s amazing story line, on point humour and it’s inexplicable ability to make you want to never let go.

2) The White Queen (mini series – 2013) – (upcoming sequel series – no release date)

The white queenn.jpg

I didn’t think I would enjoy this show as much as I actually did… If you’re a fan of historical TV shows this may just be the right one for you. Based off the novel by Phillipa Gregory, The White Queen (the first in the Cousins’ War Series) Following Elizabeth Woodville, queen consort of King Edward IV of England,  this historically accurate show depicts the life of the women of the English court as they all try to navigate the social labyrinth that is the monarchy. Full of drama and the truth that is court life I really enjoyed this show… Not only for showing the role that women had in the making and tearing down of kings , it is also wonderful for any history buffs out there. I actually learned a lot from this show about the reign of various kings and their children it was actually quite fascinating.

3) Peaky Blinders (2013 – ongoing) 

peaky blinders.jpg

I command you to watch this show… By order of the Peaky Blinders.

But seriously, jokes aside this is an outstanding show… Taking place in early 1900’s Birmingham this show follows the lives of a notorious gang, The Peaky Blinders, as their ‘leader’ Thomas Shelby and his family embark to grow their gang into a legitimate business. Depicting Birmingham life, as well as sassy (and dare I say attractive) characters this suspenseful crime drama is a much watch for anyone who doesn’t mind a bit of swearing and genuinely wants to feel engrossed in something…

4) Reign (2013 – ongoing)


If you’re looking for a show with complete historical accuracy best turn away right now because this will not give it to you. Yes, the costumes are extravagant and definitely not 1500’s France, Yes it is soap opera-ish and completely inaccurate but oh my goodness will it reel you in. This show is fun, that’s just it, it’s dramatic, suspenseful and fun. It’s for someone that likes historical setting but is not at all worried about the accuracy of the time and just wants a good drama to keep them entertained. I am in no way degrading the show, I actually really like it but if you’re a history buff that can’t handle diversion then I’m afraid this isn’t the show for you.

5) Pillars of the Earth (mini-series – 2010)

pillars of the earth.png

Apparently not only do I have a thing for historical TV shows but min-series’ as well… They’re longer than a movie so you can get invested in the characters but there’s also no commitment.. the life…


Pillars of the Earth is based off the 1989 novel of the same name by Ken Follet and depicts the lives of multiple people in twelfth century England amongst religious strife during the building of the Kingsbridge Cathedral. This mini-series is really intriguing and has actually caused me to be currently reading the book (which I’m really enjoying by the way). You could call it a romance with a touch of drama but from what I know it stays extremely close to the book plot wise and watching the first episode just drew me in. I would recommend it for anyone who just wants something the watch and kill a bit of time but be warned it can get pretty intense at times…

SO what’d you think?

Has the historical buff in you been satisfied?

Are there any good historical TV shows that you could recommend to me because I would love to watch more… I think it’s becoming an addiction..


Until next time…

Keep the nerdling army strong!

-Tj & Soup


2 thoughts on “TV Shows to Binge Watch… Historical Edition

  1. I will admit- I will watch any historical series, doesn’t matter how over the top or camp it is! As a historian, I’m probably breaking some sort of secret code but I don’t care. I will admit that I don’t care for The Pillars of the Earth (though that’s more because I disliked the book)… I would recommend The Tudors and The Borgias, both are fantastic shows with amazing costumes and scenery! Reign has to be my favourite though, everything in it is perfect- it was actually one of my first blog posts: Thanks for writing this!!! Cheers 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s awesome! I like that you’re a bit free with that sort of thing.. I’ll definitely have to check out The Tudors and Borgias now… thankyou for you feedback!


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