Albums you Should Actually Listen To

I (TJ) realised I had a problem yesterday when i went through my music and discovered 70% of it is singles. This discovery shocked and horrified me, what happened to the good old days?! What happened to listening to an entire album and appreciating the music… No-one really bothers to listen to albums these days or buy them, what if you don’t like one of the songs?

So our post today is on albums that are worth listening to, albums that every song is worth listening to (No judgement please)

TJ Bold Soup Italics

1. Blurryface- Twenty Øne PilØts

Twenty One Pilots are actually amazing, every song on this album is completely different and the feels vary from reggae to rap.This album is just for everyone because it has such a wide variety of music and music styles.

2. A Perfect Contradiction- Paloma Faith

3. Wrong Crowd- Tom Odell

I was obsessed with this album for a solid month (at least). Tom Odell is quite possibly my favourite artist of all time. His music is so beautiful and i just idek i love him

4. Badlands- Halsey

5. If I Stay Soundtrack- Various Artists

This Soundtrack is actually my life.  If Willamette would become a real band that would be great, i would buy all their albums. All the music on this album is awesome, even the classical music (which is a big thing since i never listen to classical)

6. Illuminate- Shawn Mendes

That’s all for now! Literally half my music i find on spotify discover weekly.

Where do you guys find your music? Any albums that you like to listen to? What music are you currently obsessed with?



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