Australian Food That Actually Tastes Good…

Dear Readers…

In honour of our one year anniversary and the fact that both Tj and I (Soup) are done with seeing those YouTube videos where people slather Vegemite onto their toast and say it’s disgusting…

eating vegemite.gif

Seriously though….. Vegemite should be spread on as thin as my patience for your stupidity….. very very thin….


In all fairness though we do understand that Vegemite is an acquired taste and will definitely not sit well with everyone. But!

hold up.gif

Australia has some pretty darn good food…




Yes… Ladies & Gentlemen I present to you…

Australian Food That Actually Tastes Good….

Caramello Koala’s


Yes, this caramel filled chocolate-y goodness will satisfy even the pickiest of chocolate eaters. The adorable koala shape adds a fun atmosphere to any fundraising occasion and the even rarer large ones are a treat to hunt down and devour….




What do you get when day old cake, chocolate, and coconut interbreed…. Lamingtons! Don’t let the preparation fool you, this delicious treat is a must at any true Aussie celebration and if Australia Day’s coming up… you bet you’ll see one of these babies around…The falling coconut that always seems to make a mess and that decadent chocolate will have everyone running for seconds (and maybe a vacuum cleaner).



It’s healthy (ish). It’s delicious. It’s the one and only…. Milo! This sports dink will tun you into a cricket legend in no time and finding the perfect mixture of powder and milk (3 teaspoons down the bottom and 1 teaspoon on top according to Tj) will surely make anyone proud. Not necessarily recommended for the lactose intolerant (although just eating scoops out the the tin is equally as tasty) this drink is a staple for any growing boy or girl.



Commonly known as ‘pav’, this dessert is truly not a rarity when it comes to the good old Aussie dinner… a good pavlova will have people flocking to the table for seconds (if there is any) and fights over the last piece are not at all uncommon…

Tim Tam


Never! And I mean never, question an Aussie’s love for tim tams… It surpasses everything….. These biscuits are not only to die for, A TIM TAM SLAM is something that every person should do at least once in their lifetime….

So what’d you think?

Have you tried any of these? All of them? Anything that you would add to the list? leave it all and more in the comments below!

Until Next Time…

Keep The Nerdling Army Strong!



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