Tj & Soup’s Guide to Studying Like a High Schooler…

Ladies & Gentlemen it is officially exam week for your wonderful, nerdy blog writers and both Tj and I (Soup) ask for your deepest good luck…. cause someone out there know that we have no idea what we’re doing….

But! To keep up the pretense that we are actually in some form responsible… Tj and I have comprised a completely helpful and authentic guide that will have you studying like a pro high schooler in no time…. Enjoy!

Step 1: Decide to study (WARNING! This step may be much harder than anticipated)


Step 2: Spend un unnecessary amount of time finding evrything you ‘need’ to study.. (yes including that back cover that fell off and is sitting at the bottom of your bag…. very very important…)

unnamed (2).gif

Step 3: Now that everything is set up… conveniently get hungry and set out to find food…


Step 4: Spend 10 minutes staring at the melting cheese on your grilled cheese instead of going back to studying… (It’s totally because you don’t want to risk it burning… totally)


Step 5: Sit down to eat and attempt to read textbook before conveniently decided there was something important you had to do on your phone… (It’ll be quick you say… Just a few minutes you say…)

images (1).jpg

Step 6: Absentmindedly place toast on book before realising that you now have a grease stain on your revision notes…

images (2).jpg

Step 7: Decide you dont care


Step 8: Look at revision and decide you suddenly need to highlight… everything….


Step 9: Find a word you don’t know know that meaning of to use as an excuse to go on your phone…

images (4).jpg

Step 10: Look at the clock and promise yourself you’ll go back to studying at a certain time…

unnamed (4).gif

Step 11: Pretend you dont see when that time arrives…

unnamed (5).gif

Step 12: Watch and episode of something as a reward for all the ‘hard work’ you’ve  been doing…

unnamed (6).gif

Step 13: Panic as you start to realise how screwed you are for this test…

unnamed (7).gif

Step 14: Seriously consider writing an essay to your principle ln how exams are too stressful for the growing mind of a teenager…

unnamed (8).gif

Step 15: Draft half of it in your head…

unnamed (9).gif

Step 16: Find your wall to be the most fascinating thing on the planet as of that moment…


Step 17: Die quietly

unnamed (11).gif

Step 18: Come to terms with the fact that you were never really going to study in the first place…

unnamed (12).gif

Step 19: sleep peacfully…



Try to convinve your parents that you’ve studied really hard knowing full well that they will never truly believe you…



you fail test and blame yourself for not studying

You pass test and congratulate yourself on being a genius and repeat process all kver again…

So what’d you think? would you follow our guide?

Leave all thoughts in the commehts below and wish us luck for exams! I’ll need it!

Until next time…

Keep the Nerdling army strong!

-Tj & Soup


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