What to do After Exams

Dear Reader,

Exams are over!

Soup and I have no excuse for not uploading the blog really we just could not bothered. Now exams are finished we have lost all motivation…

So with a truly original and inventive idea we present to you…

What to do After Exams

Soup Bold, TJ Italics 

1. Watch movies in all of your classes. (except for that one teacher that ‘tries’ to fit in another topic before the end of the year)


2. Rip up your study guides and/or exams. (This is actually really therapeutic… Soup and I ripped up a math study guide today)


3. Burn your results, tests and revision in a massive fiery inferno. (and set off your fire alarm in the process)


4. Accept that you probably didn’t pass and try to convince yourself that life as a Maccas (McDonald’s) employer won’t be that bad…(I mean you get discounts right?)


5. Eat. Anything and everything.


6. Sleep. A lot. and miss the bus. If you sleep in it’s not like you have to be at school for an exam. (well, until your parents get pissed at you for being lazy.)


7. Try to hide your mark from your parents and insist that if they don’t ask and you don’t tell them it’s not lying…right? Or tell them your smart friends got lower than you and you heard that in math3 only 2 people passed[true story] before showing them you’re mark so they think you did well.


8. Lie on the couch and watch Netflix every night without moving for 2 hours straight because you’re lazy and don’t have to study. Or YouTube if you’re too poor to get Netflix. i.e. my life


9. Don’t know what to do with your life now exams are over and be bored out of your mind. Realise that you actually have no social life…


10. Cry



That’s all for now!

Is there anything you like to do when you finish exams? Do you have a tradition you do with your friends?



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