‘Children’s Books’ for ‘Adults’ Part 2

Dear Reader…

Christmas is almost upon us!!!!



and for those of you who do not celebrate Christmas…



Hope you have a great one as Tj and I (Soup) present to you part 2 of …

‘Children’s Books’ for ‘Adults’


A Series of Unfortunate Events – Lemony Snicket (Daniel Handler)

Why?: Uhhhh why not? Not only was this hands down my favourite series as a child but I also bought the complete box set with my first pay cheque (It is my pride and joy)… Lemony Snicket has a writing style very well suited to writing children’s literature but an uncontrollable imagination that can only truly be appreciated by an ‘adult’…. This series was fascinating to read as a child for the plot twists and constant anticipation and even more compelling to read as a ‘adult’ for all the sheer genius that you missed as a child…

You can’t tell that how much I love this series can you?


Author: Lemon Snicket

Genre: Gothic fiction, Absurdist fiction, Steampunk, Mystery, Children’s literature

Characters – 

Violet: Bringing out the wannabe inventor in us all, Violet is honestly a role model to many children… She is smart, level headed, surprisingly mature for her age and quite the improviser. For the exact same reasons my childhood self loved her, any ‘adult’ can see (or rather read) what an inspiration she is and  trying to figure out a solution to the problem before she does is always fun (I won every time I read the book a second time (; )

Klaus: Probably being the most relatable character I have ever read about, Klaus is just an ordinary(ish) boy who loves to read… Quite like his sister Klaus is also unimaginably smart (as smart as a 10 year old can be anyway) and had the innate ability to act completely childish, which looking back now was one of my favourite things about him… It’s refreshing to finally see children in book actually acting like children…

Sunny: Sunny was one of the characters that you could see physically grow throughout the series. By then end of the series it was like my baby was all grown up and it’s honestly kind of sad ho proud I was of her and everything she’s done… (What’d you mean she’s just a book character?)

Plot: Following the lives of the ‘Baudelaire’ children after the death of their parents (not a major spoiler DO NOT FEAR!), we come to face unfortunate event after unfortunate event to the point where we start to wonder whether this was a children’s book after all. Mash together impossibly smart children, impossibly idiotic adults and impossibly outrageous and daring plot lines to get ‘A Series Of Unfortunate Events’….. Enjoy!

What’d you think? Will you give this series a shot?

Leave that and more in the comments below…

Until Next Time…

Keep The Nerdling Army Strong!

-Tj & Soup


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